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Why should I add a co-registration offer to my site?
Co-reg offers are designed to serve the publisher with one purpose. Extra revenue, keeping the user from leaving your site.
Can I incentivize my traffic?
No, under no circumstances may you incentivize a registration in any form, whether this is with cash, points, or competition entry inducements.
Can I pre-check the opt-in offers?
No, all campaigns require an explicit opt-in from the consumer. Offers cannot be 'pre-checked'.
What reporting do you provide?
You will have access to real-time performance reports.
Do your advertisers provide real-time confirmation of lead acceptance?
Each advertiser has a different criteria and method of integration. Generally, advertisers provide a real-time response code to tentatively accept a delivered record. However, advertisers have the right to return leads within 30 days, if the lead is invalid.
What constitutes an invalid lead?
Leads with bad or inaccurate data. i.e. enquiries from Mickey Mouse or invalid email.
In addition, some advertisers have agreed filter criteria which needs to be met for a valid lead. For example, a phone number might be required; In this case, any leads with disconnected numbers, will be credited or returned for refund.
How do you keep advertisers honest and prevent unfair lead reversals?
The lead reversal rate is monitored internally. Bear in mind that the holding company of Panthera Leads is also a major publisher, so it's in our best interest to manage reversals carefully.
When do I get paid?
Publishers are paid on the 30th of each month for the previous month’s activity.
How do I get paid?
Payment can come in the form of check or PayPal. If you prefer PayPal, you must contact your Affiliate Manager and provide them with your account details. Your PayPal account must be in “Verified” status. PayPal is an option only after the first commission check has cleared our bank.
How do I get started?
Contact a Panthera representative by clicking here.
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