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Every day, millions of consumers from around the world complete registration forms to access online services, newsletters, and forums.

Panthera Leads provides a unique opportunity for you to target consumers at this point of data entry, targeting specific audiences with your marketing message. Resulting in consumer's explicit requests with opt-in permission to contact them, all delivered in real-time direct to your database or sales team.

Panthera can create a customized campaign that utilizes our progressive approach to targeting consumers. Our responsive and experienced account management team will help you overcome the challenges of campaign setup, media buying, and tracking performance. Start utilizing these powerful tools and watch your business grow right before your eyes!

Highlights for Advertisers

Leverage our global publisher network
All leads supplied on an exclusive basis
NON-incentivized data and ALWAYS 100% opt-in
Consumers are NEVER forced to select an offer
Customized solutions that meet your requirements
No hidden costs or set-up fees
Performance based pricing on a per lead basis
Large or small volume depending on your desired levels

Results for Advertisers

Quality data with low return rates
Convert leads into more sales
Cost per lead targets met or exceeded
Faster growth to your business
Lower cost per lead will equal greater ROI

Technology Features

Single Opt-in, Custom Co-registration
Real-Time and Batch Integration (HTTP, XML, SOAP)
Centralized Campaign Asset and Reporting System
Third-party Validation Technology
Auto-responder Capabilities

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