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Advertiser Policies

1. Editorial Format

A. Accurate Ad Text
You must accurately represent your product or service.
Your co-registration ads should directly relate to the content on your website or product/service. When users see your ad, they should be able to understand what kind of product, service, or other content they will find on your site and the information they may receive from you via email, phone, direct mail, or any other communications medium. Products or services promoted in your ad should be reflected on your website; ads can be disapproved if a promoted product is not offered or available for sale as promised.

As a basic rule, use clear, descriptive, and specific ad content that highlights the differentiating characteristics of your product/service. You can distinguish your ad by including your company name, line of business, or by highlighting one specific product. If you offer a local service or product, you might want to indicate your location in your ad.
B. Capitalization
Use standard capitalization.
Don't use excessive capitalization in the ad copy and limit the use of all caps. Limiting capitalization to one or two words like “FREE” is ok.
You can choose whether or not to capitalize the first letter of each word in your ad.

C. Character Limits
Stay within the ad character limits. Under 65 characters for short copy and between 70-200 for long copy. Your intended headline and text must fit within the limits, So it does not get cut off. Please keep these ad text limits in mind when planning your ads.

D. Competitive Claims
Support competitive claims.
Competitive claims are statements implying that your product/service is better than a competitor's. If your ad text contains competitive language regarding other companies, specific support for this claim must be displayed on your website. You can offer support for your claim in a variety of ways such as a chart or table that compares the features and/or prices of your product versus your competitor's product or a competitive analysis discussing why your product is superior. For example, ad text that states 'Better than Panthera Leads' would be considered a competitive claim and would require support on the website. If your website includes a competitive analysis of the advertised service versus Panthera Leads, this claim would be acceptable and the ad could be approved.

E. Grammar & Spelling
Use correct grammar and spelling.
Your ad text must be in logical sentence or phrase form. This includes using grammatically correct spacing between words and around punctuation.
"For example: Placing one or two spaces after a period to start a new sentence."

Ads must contain correct spelling. The only exceptions are commonly misspelled words or spelling variations that the majority of users would recognize and understand.
"For example: The word color can be spelled colour in the U.K."

F. Implied Affiliation
Don't imply inaccurate affiliation or partnership.

Your ads may not imply an affiliation, partnership, or any special relationship with an unaffiliated company or subsidiary. Ads and sites cannot contain language that is likely to cause confusion as to the association between unrelated services and your services.
Your ads also may not imply an affiliation with any publisher or publisher's website in the Panthera Leads Network unless you have written authorization supporting such claims.

G. Inappropriate Language
Don't use inappropriate language.
Your ad cannot contain offensive or inappropriate language. This also applies to misspellings and derivatives of inappropriate language.

H. Prices, Discounts, & Free Offers
Support advertised prices, discounts, and free offers.
If your ad includes a price, special discount, or 'free' offer, it must be clearly and accurately displayed on your website. Prices in your ad text must be accurate. Prices can also apply to bulk purchases. For free offers, it is acceptable if the website visitor can infer that the product is indeed free, even if the word 'free' does not appear along with that product or service.
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Advertiser Policies
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