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Panthera’s lead generation division, Panthera Leads, generates co-registration and exclusive leads for our business-to-consumer (B2C) clients by implementing data acquisition campaigns on popular websites. Publishers (sellers) employ our technology in order to serve lead generation campaigns, store and post data, validate leads and better monetize their inventory. Advertisers (buyers) utilize us to align their brands with premium content, target a specific audience and attain new customers.

Lead generation / co-registration is equally rewarding for both the buyer and seller. Buyers are able to request information from several sources that offer the product or service they are looking for. Sellers are given the opportunity to pitch their product or service to someone that has given them permission to solicit. Conversion rates on the leads that the advertiser receives are generally higher. This is due to the fact that we pre-qualify the prospect and eliminate the traditional “cold call” sales scenario.

Panthera Leads optimizes a management technology to connect advertisers with quality sales leads. We work with hundreds of quality websites/networks (publishers) around the world and supply thousands of high quality sales leads each month for our advertisers. We focus on quality more than quantity by requiring each lead to undergo a strict cleansing process. During this process, erroneous data, database, and campaign duplicates are removed to insure quality.

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