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Welcome to Panthera Network
Panthera Leads generates co-registration and exclusive leads for our business-to-consumer (B2C) clients by implementing data acquisition campaigns on popular websites. Publishers (sellers) employ our technology in order to serve lead generation campaigns, store and post data, validate leads and better monetize their inventory. Advertisers (buyers) utilize us to align their brands with premium content, target a specific audience and attain new customers.

Panthera Leads can create a customized campaign that utilizes our progressive approach to targeting consumers:

Performance based pricing (CPL)
High Quality data with low return rates
100% opt-in and NON-incentivized data
Third-party Data Validation Technology
Transparent Network
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Panthera Leads provides a way to professional monetize websites and path traffic:

Comprehensive online reporting interface
High converting offers from leading brands
Real-Time Integration (HTTP, XML, SOAP)
Reliable payment terms
Large inventory of direct to client campaigns
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